Technical Poetry

Faith In Infrastucture
2008 / PDF

An Idea for a Universal Trajectory in the manner of 12 German Popsongs
2004 / 21:36

Paraculture / Future Garden Structure
2005 / 14:38

Bridge and Trellis Formations
2006 / 4:11

The Errorists: Faith In Infrastructure
2007-2009 / Part 1 / Part 1 & 2

Transcalar Investment Vehicles
2011 – 2014 / Trailer / Full

XYZ Teleonomy
1998-2014 / PDF

Waiting For Globo
1997 / 16:14

The Bioengine
2001 / 13:10

Sculpture for the lobby & some constitutional core-code for World Infrastructural Union

Fresh traction on the scalar niche of planet, where win-win strategies and shared-best-interest are realistic. An infrastructural arch over the less-fruitful conditions of economic desperation and geochemical acidification threatening to cull our excess. The vast, wasted Excess money and makers into the safety of the long-term investment: The infrastructure trellis to support the exponential instantiation of the new materialism.

To exit from the aftermath of the American Century and ascend to the planetary millennium: A fresh financial chemistry addend to the ancestral Bretton Woods spore of global human culture: the next ‘gold-backed dollar’ sugar to power the new globalisation, scientific progressive materialist boom of making. The fresh valency of money and matter:
The infrastructure-originated Fintech Bancor in the google-earth hyperledger.
To ‘mine a bitcoin’ of this new digital collateral you must emplace 100 meters of solar panels, train tracks, flood defense or a mile of waterpipe. The ledger is geo-satellite surveillance of the existence of the asset. The ‘coin’ is ownership of its unique specificity in the visual ledger. That real estate in the ledger tethers digital money to geo-spatial real collateral. This premium digital collateral is worth a lot of money. Its sale provides a revenue stream and a means of liquefaction to the infrastructure investor. It is forever tethered-but never levered-to the physical assets, which can be automatically nationalized.

Hegemony without hegemon. A way forward, without a leader. Increase the yield of human designation error. Humanity is the candidate culture to colonize the 6th scalar niche for Life, for God, for the Children, for Country, for Pleasure, for Business, We flip the impotent script of ‘reducing a negative’ into a heroic trajectory of making the Paris the Paris Positive resiliency, clean energy and development assets. We cash-in our investment at the real maturity: A fully alive spherical prosperity.